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Don’t Poke the Bear

The nature of environmental management at the AER

No one likes to be stirred from a good nap, particularly if you’ve been asleep for several months. So when an oil and gas company came across a bear den during construction of its pipeline, Alberta… Read more

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All’s Well That Ends Well

Orphaned, abandoned, reclaimed: understanding how wells are classed

Albertans began prospecting for “black gold” more than a century ago. Years and years of drilling for oil and natural gas has resulted in more than just wealth for the province—it’s resulted in… Read more

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Keeping Mischief at Bay

Protecting Alberta’s energy industry from vandalism, theft a shared responsibility

Alberta's energy industry spans the province; unsurprisingly, keeping Alberta's energy facilities safe is a big job-and a vital one. In January, RCMP responded to a deliberate act of vandalism… Read more

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Crystal Balling the Energy Numbers

AER’s energy supply/demand report forecasts performance

You don't need to light candles or wave your hands around a translucent orb to predict the future of Alberta's energy industry. All you need is an internet connection and a computer to access the AER… Read more

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‘Tis the season

Alberta’s oilpatch springs to life during the coldest months of the year

When the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER’s) Bonnyville field centre’s manager says “it’s gangbusters up here” on a routine call, you pay attention. Especially when it’s during one of Alberta’s… Read more

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Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk

For the uninitiated, visiting a drilling rig is a learning experience

I’m from corporate. I work in the shiny head office in the shiny city of Calgary. But for three days, I traded in the business attire for the grey coveralls worn by the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (… Read more

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Company Pays Price for Spill

AER fines Murphy Oil for its 2015 pipeline spill near Peace River

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has fined Murphy Oil Company $172 500 for a 2015 pipeline spill near Peace River. This fine comes after the AER’s investigation into the spill, which found that… Read more

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Driving Pipeline Performance

A new program launches in Alberta to improve pipeline safety

Kirk Bailey, the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER) executive vice president of operations, knew that more could be done to improve pipeline safety, and that the solution wasn’t to just craft more… Read more

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A Strong Response

The AER takes serious action against Lexin Resources

After several months and many attempts to bring Lexin Resources Ltd. into compliance, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has issued a corporate closure order, suspending licences for all company… Read more

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Celebrating Alberta’s First Oil Triumph

Monday marked the 70th anniversary of historic Leduc well

On a Monday, 70 years ago, an oilfield crew struck black gold in a farm field south of Devon, Alberta. It was a happy accident: the Leduc No. 1 well site was thought to be a “dry hole” when Imperial… Read more

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