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Every Drop Counts

AER launches industry water-use report to drive performance

You may be surprised to learn that the energy industry used just over two per cent of all water that was allocated across all industries in Alberta last year. Nonetheless, when it comes to water,… Read more

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Packing Up The Pencil Crayons

Retiring EVP Cal Hill reflects on how Alberta’s energy industry—and its regulator—has changed

Cal Hill had never been anywhere. So in 1980, with a freshly minted geology degree and a new job with Alberta’s oil and gas regulator, his plan was to work a few years, pocket some cash, then travel… Read more

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Lessons The Beast Taught Us

The Fort McMurray wildfires proved that even a strong emergency response can be made stronger

The cozy smells of coffee, melted butter, and maple syrup from a Mother’s Day breakfast still wafted through the air when Colin Woods got the call. Without asking questions, the manager of the AER’s… Read more

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Award Not Water Off a Duck’s Back

AER employee recognized for leadership in water innovation

It goes without saying that water is our most valuable resource. Ask Mike Bevan, an advisor with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), and he would emphatically agree. Bevan has built a career around… Read more

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Getting Down and Dirty for Research

AER staff slog in the muck to collect samples for study

Sometimes it’s a dirty job. Last fall, the AER and Alberta Health kicked off a study to discover what substances are present during the “flowback” phase of hydraulic fracturing operations and whether… Read more

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CEO Seeks More Accountability

Jim Ellis talks tough on industry neglect

Jim Ellis doesn’t mince his words about orphan wells in Alberta. In a Calgary Herald article, the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER’s) president and CEO wouldn’t speculate what will happen next, but… Read more

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A Day Like No Other

An AER employee’s emotional experience during the Fort McMurray wildfires

It’s hard for Chuck MacDonald to think about that day early last May. It brings back memories and feelings that he’d rather keep tucked away in a place where they can’t get out. But as the first… Read more

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Building it Old School: Alberta’s First Pipeline

In April 1912, construction began on the Bow Island

Today, Alberta’s oil and gas pipelines stretch over 422 000 kilometres across the province, but this wasn’t always the case. Over a century ago, Alberta’s first natural gas pipeline broke ground at… Read more

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Super-Powered Backpack

Gas measuring device plays a critical role when responding to emergencies

Making the invisible visible doesn’t take superpowers. It takes the right technology. The AER uses an air-quality measuring device known as an infrared spectrometer to detect “fugitive emissions”—gas… Read more

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Moving it to Market

Traveling along with Alberta’s natural gas, oil, and coal in 2016

Alberta’s energy resources—oil, natural gas, and coal—are in demand. Our biggest customer continues to be the United States, though markets in Alberta, across Canada, and in Asia and Europe are also… Read more

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