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Alberta - June 11, 2018

There are thousands of mines around the world producing everything from coal and nickel to diamonds—and they all produce tailings. This is no different for oil sands mining operations in Alberta.

Tailings are what remain after the oil has been removed from the oil sands ore that was scooped out of the ground. They are made up of sand, silt, clay, water, and some remaining oil.

If you’ve turned on the news lately, you might’ve heard about tailings ponds—which are large, man-made basins that are designed to hold tailings produced by the mine.   

Learn more about the challenge of managing tailings ponds by watching the Alberta Energy Regulator’s Conversations that Matter video.


More from this series along with other videos are available on our YouTube channel.

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Emilio A. Reyes-Hernandez

Awesome! Educating the public about the facts on how Alberta ensures the impact of producing goods essentials to life is reduced to minimum, prevented and eventually eliminated is the best way to show how inconsistent are the false accusations against the oil industry in Canada.


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