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Where the Bison Roam

An at risk species is growing in numbers on old oilsands land


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Easing off the Gas

New requirements for Alberta’s oil and gas industry will reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Imagine you're in a game of Jeopardy! and you've selected "Climate Change for $500, Alex."

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A Lump in Your Stocking, and Other Coal Facts

The AER makes sure that coal mining happens safely in Alberta

Coal and Christmas have a history: Frosty’s eyes are fashioned from it, Scrooge is stingy about burning it in the office, and don’t get us started on the lump that Sant

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The 411 on H2O in O&G

Graphic explains how water is used and conserved in oil and gas development

Like canola fields, cattle, and even our bodies, Alberta’s oil and gas sector needs water to survive.

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Making the FIRST Call

Julie St. Louis says AER’s emergency response team is prepared for any incident, anytime, anywhere

Not all emergency responders arrive with the blare of sirens and tricoloured lights.

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Responding with Booms, Anchors, and Tube Men

Western Canadian Spill Services used a variety of equipment during a spill response

Tube men or sky dancers aren’t just inflatable eyesores used by car dealerships to attract attention.

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Throwback Thursday: Great Explorations

Early explorer and geologist George Dawson gave Canada insight into its geology and resources

George Mercer Dawson is as unlikely an explorer as one might find in Canadian history. As a child, he contracted Pott’s Disease, a form of tuberculosis that infects the spine. Although he recovered,… Read more

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A Chance to Be Heard

A closer look at an AER hearing in action

AER hearings are formal, court-like proceedings used to gather information before deciding on some energy project applications – from a single well to major oil sands projects. Hearings are conducted… Read more

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Art of the Agreement

AER can investigate if companies fail to honour registered private surface agreements

Before they can turn a drill bit or drive a shovel into the ground, oil and gas companies need permission to use private land.

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Experiencing Alberta’s Oily Underbelly

A tour through the oil sands reveals that Alberta’s black core is mining gold

While energy extraction occurs all over Alberta, our oil and gas industry’s heartland is within our province’s thick, boreal forests.

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