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Brawn and Brains

The massive trucks used in the oil sands carry both heavy loads and heavy technology

Everything seems larger than life at an oil sands mine.

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Clearing the Air on Emissions

How the AER is working with industry to navigate new methane emissions requirements

Clearing the Air

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School of Rock

The Core Research Centre holds one of the largest collections of drilling history in the world

CRC Photo Inset

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Pent-Up Energy

Low oil prices have companies seeking safe storage solutions.

This year has made us all think differently about the future; from spending more time at home to navigating a world of sanitizers and face masks, we’re all finding ways to endure. Alberta’s oil and… Read more

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Keeping it in the Pipe

The AER’s pipeline performance report is out and it shows incidents are down

It goes without saying that we all want oil and gas to stay in the pipe once it's extracted.

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Throwback Thursday: The Flying Ace and His Oilfield Race

Alberta pilots stretched the limits of aviation to develop resources in Canada’s north.

The Flying Ace

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A Numbers Game

A look at the AER purely from numbers perspective

This year has already brought us a whirlwind of bizarre, startling, and heartfelt moments for everyone—and 2020 is only half over!

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Soggy Sites in Northeast Alberta

June was a wet month for many Albertans. Oil and gas sites in the upper-east part of the province were no exception.

June rainfall across Alberta was heavier than usual, leaving communities soaking wet and, in a few unfortunate cases, flooded in.

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Predicting the Future in an Unpredictable Present

The AER releases its annual Alberta Energy Outlook report amidst an uncertain backdrop

How can you take aim effectively at a constantly moving target when everything around you is shifting faster than you can say “unprecedented times?”

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Throwback Thursday: As Long as the Sun Shines, the Grass Grows, and the Rivers Flow

Honouring National Indigenous Peoples Day and the anniversary of Treaty 8

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) acknowledges that its head office in Calgary, or Mohkinstsis in the Blackfoot language, is located in the traditional territory of the Blac

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