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Meet the New Neighbours

Solar energy companies are moving on to old oil and gas sites to save money and land

Think back to the last time you moved; did you enter your new home to find it spick and span or did the previous residents leave a mess behind? 

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Keeping Innovation Alive in Alberta

The Evergreen Centre is Alberta's innovation station for environmentally mindful energy development

Eleven years ago Doug Kulba, while working as a conservation and reclamation inspector with the Government of Alberta, had a thought: what if technology and innovation could be used to shrink the oil… Read more

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Oil Sands: What’s the Dirt?

Dipping into the three-layer dip of an oil sands mine

As the weather gets nicer, the sun shines a little hotter, and the country’s public health restrictions slowly begin to relax, one can’t help but have thoughts of barbecues and picnics—burgers,… Read more

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The Glory Days

Step back in time and experience Alberta during its first oil boom at the Turner Valley Gas Plant

Long before Fort McMurray, Turner Valley was the heart of Alberta’s energy development industry. Natural gas was discovered in Turner Valley in 1914, and the Turner Valley Gas Plant was built to… Read more

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Throwback Thursday: The Fate of East Coulee and the Atlas Coal Mine

Taking a look back at Alberta's coal boom in the badlands

During its peak years around 1930 and again later in the mid-1940s, the East Coulee coal mining town near Drumheller in Alberta’s Red Deer River Valley was home to over 3000 residents and dozens of… Read more

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Water Not Under the Bridge

AER lays Water Act charges against Tamarack Valley Energy

The news of COVID-19 may be keeping Albertans home, but the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) continues to hold companies accountable. On Monday, March 30, the AER laid charges against a Calgary-based… Read more

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Who You Gonna Call?

Need information on energy development? The AER can help, so can some others

If you’re among the tens of thousands of Albertans who live near oil and gas development, you likely know that sometimes you need help getting to the bottom of things. What you may not know is who to… Read more

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The Snow Must Go On

Polar vortex or not, AER field inspectors brave the elements to ensure things are running as they should

The temperature gauge on the dashboard reads 34 degrees below zero as our truck winds through quiet Gratton Coulee near Wainwright, Alberta. There isn’t much that can lure people outdoors in this… Read more

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Caught on Tape

How industry keeps an eye on wildlife

If a bear sits in the woods, and no one is around to see it, did it actually happen? We see it all the time, people doing it all for “the ‘Gram.” Because if a picture isn’t posted to social media,… Read more

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Paying for the Spill

Journey Energy Inc. has been ordered to pay a fine for a 2017 pipeline spill

An Alberta court ruled on March 11 that Journey Energy Inc. is to pay $125,000 for a pipeline spill in 2017. Just before the Canada Day long weekend in 2017, two breakpoints on the Journey pipeline… Read more

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