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Keeping the Lightbulb Lit

The AER helps industry introduce bright ideas while ensuring that they’re safe

When a company has a lightbulb moment, the last thing you want is someone to hit the off switch.

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Well, What’s the Difference?

Orphaned, abandoned, reclaimed: understanding how wells are classed

Wells have been on the tip of many Albertans’ tongues as of late.

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Just One More Slice

Petrologists peer into slivers of rock seeking good fortune

Some people read gemstones in pursuit of personal clarity: emeralds, for example, are said to help foretell the future.

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The Ballad of Kootenai Brown

Colourful adventurer was among the first to report oil in Alberta


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Where the Bison Roam

An at risk species is growing in numbers on old oilsands land


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AER Lays Charges for Sour Gas Release

Three companies headed to court in February

A trio of companies will appear in a Grande Prairie courtroom on February 19 for a hydrogen sulphide (H2S) release that impacted human health.

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Easing off the Gas

New requirements for Alberta’s oil and gas industry will reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Imagine you're in a game of Jeopardy! and you've selected "Climate Change for $500, Alex."

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A Lump in Your Stocking, and Other Coal Facts

The AER makes sure that coal mining happens safely in Alberta

Coal and Christmas have a history: Frosty’s eyes are fashioned from it, Scrooge is stingy about burning it in the office, and don’t get us started on the lump that Sant

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The 411 on H2O in O&G

Graphic explains how water is used and conserved in oil and gas development

Like canola fields, cattle, and even our bodies, Alberta’s oil and gas sector needs water to survive.

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Making the FIRST Call

Julie St. Louis says AER’s emergency response team is prepared for any incident, anytime, anywhere

Not all emergency responders arrive with the blare of sirens and tricoloured lights.

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