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Escalating enforcement

Education and prevention lay foundation to ensure companies follow the rules

The first step in following the rules is understanding what they mean and how you need to act.

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AER escalates enforcement against Mojek’s oil and gas sites

AER issues care and custody order to protect public safety and the environment

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has issued an order after repeated failure by Mojek Resources Inc. to comply with regulatory requirements in Alberta. 

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Land Petroleum ordered to pay $80,000 fine

Land Petroleum International Inc.

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AER suspends SanLing Energy Ltd.’s operations

AER acts to protect the public and the environment, hopes to minimize financial risk

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has suspended

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The Methane Method

How the AER is supporting methane emissions reduction

Reducing methane emissions is a provincial, national, and global priority, and the AER is doing its part to get the job done.

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What’s Up

Expanding drone technology took flight at the Western Regulators Forum.

Look up. Look way up. That gently buzzing bird you see near regulated oil and gas sites is actually the AER making better use of technology.

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Judge and Jury

How the AER upholds the law of energy development

Ever wondered what happens in a hearing held by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)?

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When Virtual Becomes Reality

The AER’s Wainwright Field Centre is closing, but its work remains the same.

Wainwright Inspection

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Brawn and Brains

The massive trucks used in the oil sands carry both heavy loads and heavy technology

Everything seems larger than life at an oil sands mine.

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