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Paying the Price

Energy companies can face financial penalties when things go wrong

When companies don’t follow the AER’s rules, they face enforcement. Our enforcement tools can include shutting in operations, more frequent and detailed inspections, more stringent planning… Read more

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When Fire and Flood Strike

The AER and industry must be prepared to respond when Mother Nature turns on the taps or lights a match

The AER keeps a close eye on Alberta’s energy industry—comes with the job. We must also keep an eye on the weather, as Mother Nature can play havoc with oil and gas infrastructure and it’s not a… Read more

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Incident Response—When Prevention Becomes Intervention

The AER must act quickly when crisis strikes

It’s a reality in the oilpatch: incidents happen. Pipeline breaches, well blowouts, sour gas releases, explosions, and other events can—and do—occur anywhere oil and gas activities happen, including… Read more

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Seeing Infrared

FLIR cameras make invisible gas leaks visible

FLIR GasFindIR infrared cameras, which use thermal technology to trace and visualize volatile gases, have been used by the AER since 2007 to help detect oil and gas field fugitive emissions. FLIR… Read more

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Gas Production Gets a Boost

Output is expected to fall in years to come due to fewer wells, lower prices

It heats our homes, it generates electricity, and for some it even cooks dinner. And last year we produced a bit more of it. Alberta’s conventional natural gas production increased slightly in 2015… Read more

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Elevating Geological Monitoring to New Heights

Elevating Geological Monitoring to New Heights

Living in Canada’s Rocky Mountains can be idyllic; on occasion, it can also prove perilous. The coal-mining town of Frank, in Alberta’s Crowsnest Pass, can attest to this. On April 29, 1903, it took… Read more

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Mixing Oil and Water

AER water technologist Andrew Wagner explains why water is important for energy development

Canada has thousands of lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. It is bordered by three oceans. And yet competition has never been greater, nor the concern higher, over access to fresh water. In addition… Read more

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Big Picture Planning

AER’s new program looks at engaging with communities in a different way

What if decisions on oil and gas development addressed the individual needs and concerns of an area? What if residents in communities collaborated to find solutions to issues? This is the direction… Read more

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No Stone Unturned

Detailed site inspections determine if industry’s reclamation work is up to snuff

Imagine a view of lush trees, native grasses, and picturesque wetlands filled with lively beavers, birds, and butterflies. This site 30 minutes to the west of Edmonton, near Wabamun, didn’t always… Read more

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Five Places That Will “Rock” Your World

Geological attractions that, like Pokémon Go, will get you off the couch and into Alberta

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you or someone you know is playing Pokémon Go. In Alberta, Pokémon hunters have been spotted everywhere from graveyards to mountain tops. The good news is,… Read more

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