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Why Less is Sometimes More

Stacking rule upon rule may seem like a good way to ensure public safety and protect the environment. After all, shouldn’t more rules bring about better behaviour? Thing is, technologies evolve and… Read more

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Dispatches from the Fort McMurray Wildfires: “In This Together”

Jeff Hughes, a regional coordinator with the AER in the Fort McMurray Field Office, talks about his experience as fires ravaged the city in May, and how the AER is getting back to business in the… Read more

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What the AER Doesn’t Regulate

Knowing what we don’t regulate is just as important as knowing what we do. The Government of Alberta has given us the job of ensuring oil and gas is developed safely for people and the environment,… Read more

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What I Learned About Excellence

In 2014, the AER launched a project to help identify the key attributes of an “excellent” regulator, understand how the AER can adopt these attributes, and measure its progress.Tiffany Novotny,… Read more

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Back to the Drawing Board

Companies must assess the environmental impact of their proposed projects—if they fall short, they have to try again

Benga Mining Ltd. wants to start a coal mining project in the Crowsnest Pass. The company, part of Riversdale Resources, is required to conduct an environmental impact assessment, or EIA, as part of… Read more

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Dispatches from the Fort McMurray Wildfires: “You Do Whatever it Takes”

The AER is accustomed to responding to emergencies such as well blowouts and pipeline spills. But sometimes we’re called upon to intervene during natural disasters, as was the case with the recent… Read more

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Bitumen Production Rises in 2015

Despite the significant weakness in oil prices, crude bitumen production in Alberta rose in 2015. Last year, bitumen—extra heavy oil found in the oil sands region—accounted for 83 per cent of Alberta… Read more

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Incident Command On Wheels

When a large pipeline has a spill or major well blowout strikes, Alberta needs on-the-go response tools. The AER’s mobile incident command (MIC) trailer is one of the tools we use to ensure energy… Read more

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Coming Together to Go Further

When the world comes a-knocking for regulator expertise, the AER opens the door

When energy regulation began in Alberta almost 80 years ago, it had no environmental specialists, hearing commissioners, or engagement experts—they came much later as the organization adapted and… Read more

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Delivering the Facts, Plain and Simple

Resource website the source for AER news

The business of keeping Alberta’s energy industry on the straight and narrow can be a complex one. To wade through the complexities, the AER employs engineers, geoscientists, lawyers, environmental… Read more

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