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The Laws of Gravity and Murphy Apply

Five things to know about Alberta’s energy economy

The past year has been educational for those who took Alberta’s previously strong energy economy for granted. We’ve learned that our economy is a bit like an orchid: finicky, it responds to changes… Read more

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Why the Earth Moves in Fox Creek

The AER is studying how oil and gas activity triggers seismic activity

Residents of Fox Creek felt the ground tremble on January 12, 2016. The reason: a 4.8 magnitude (ML) earthquake just 35 km from the northern Alberta town. The quake was the fourth over 4 ML to shake… Read more

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Energy Data at Your Fingertips

AER moves Alberta’s energy supply/demand outlook report online

With a few simple clicks, Albertans can now find the information they need on Alberta’s energy reserves and production through our new interactive online approach to ST98-2016: Alberta's Energy… Read more

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Going Places

Where Alberta’s natural gas, crude oil, and coal went in 2015

Alberta’s energy resources—crude oil, natural gas, and coal—are in demand. Our biggest customer continues to be the United States, though markets in Alberta, across Canada, and in Asia and Europe are… Read more

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Bringing Big Thinkers to the Table

Those with the biggest stake in oil sands tailings helped develop new AER requirements

The fluid tailings generated by oil sands mines are a big issue in Alberta—one that requires some big thinking to resolve. So when it comes to designing new rules to address tailings, what could be… Read more

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Sniffing Out Sour Gas

Air monitoring units detect and measure harmful gases

Regulating energy operations isn’t limited to what’s going on above and below ground – it also applies to the air we breathe. The AER’s two air-monitoring units (AMUs), which measure gas… Read more

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Animating Conversations Around Energy Development

An AER video series makes complex topics more accessible

You shouldn’t have to be an engineer, geologist, seismologist, or biologist to understand what’s going on in Alberta’s oilpatch. When Albertans asked for clear, straightforward information about oil… Read more

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Why Less is Sometimes More

Stacking rule upon rule may seem like a good way to ensure public safety and protect the environment. After all, shouldn’t more rules bring about better behaviour? Thing is, technologies evolve and… Read more

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Dispatches from the Fort McMurray Wildfires: “In This Together”

Jeff Hughes, a regional coordinator with the AER in the Fort McMurray Field Office, talks about his experience as fires ravaged the city in May, and how the AER is getting back to business in the… Read more

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What the AER Doesn’t Regulate

Knowing what we don’t regulate is just as important as knowing what we do. The Government of Alberta has given us the job of ensuring oil and gas is developed safely for people and the environment,… Read more

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