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Part 2: Braced For a Fight

How Turner Valley gas flaring ushered in an era of regulation

Below is an excerpt from Steward, a book published by the AER’s predecessor, the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), to mark 75 years of energy regulation in Alberta. This is Part 2 of a two-… Read more

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Part 1: “Red Glare in the Skies”

How Turner Valley gas flaring ushered in an era of regulation

Once upon a time, in the first part of the 20th century around a southern Alberta town, an industry was born.

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Syncrude is ordered to pay $2.75 million for bird deaths

AER lays charges that result in money for wildlife protection in Alberta

Syncrude will pay $2.75 million in penalties after it pled guilty to a charge of failing to store a hazardous substance in a manner that ensures that it does not come into direct contact with, or… Read more

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Detecting Earthquakes, Ice Quakes, and Everything in Between

AER’s extensive seismic monitoring system confirms “ice quake” west of Edmonton

Editors note: It’s almost time to turn the calendar on 2018 and look ahead to 2019.

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Solving Oil and Gas Mysteries

AER investigators sift through clues to find what caused incidents.

They wear hard hats instead of deerstalker caps and employ 21st-century investigative techniques rather than 19th-century methods.

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Keeping Up the Good Work

The AER values community groups such as SPOG

If there is ever any doubt that grassroots groups can incite change, one only need look to the Sundre Petroleum Operat

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The Oil Sands, Explained

AER video series unlocks facts about Alberta’s oil sands

It seems like everything about Alberta’s oil sands is big: big mines, big reserves, big production, big trucks, and big debate.

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Celebrating Alberta’s Oil and Gas History

Reflecting on energy resource development in Alberta for Canada History Week

Science, Creativity, and Innovation: Our Canadian Story—it’s the theme of this year’s Canada History Week, running from November 19 to 25. And there’s no question that from the very start, Canada’s… Read more

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Keeping Tabs on Industry Compliance

Five things to know about the AER’s Compliance Dashboard

Curious about what incidents, investigations, and enforcement actions are happening in Alberta’s oil and gas sector? Well the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has a tool for you.

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Taking Geology to New Dimensions

AGS’s 3D geological models help evaluate Alberta’s oil and gas resources

Geological work is much more than geoscientists wielding their rock hammers for the purpose of academic study. As the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) demonstrates, it’s also about using the latest… Read more

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