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Well, Well, Well

Urban wells are business as usual in the place known as "Gas City"

There is a good reason why Medicine Hat is affectionately known as "The Gas City." Just 58 kilometres from the first natural gas discovery in the province, this southern Alberta city is home to 63… Read more

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This is Gonna be a Gas

A first-timer’s journey into the world of sour gas preparedness

On any given workday, you'll find me in the comfort of my cubicle, researching best regulatory practices and sharing what I learn with decision makers at the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). This work… Read more

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Throwback Thursday: Steely Determination

The Alberta Energy Regulator throws back to construction in the days before machines

In 1912, labour crews relied on muscle power alone for 86 days to build Alberta’s first natural gas delivery service: the Bow Island Pipeline.

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Snakes on the Plains

Those working around Medicine Hat face a very unique, slithery hazard

They slither, they slide, they hiss, they rattle, they bite, and, for many people, they are scary. Fear of snakes ranks high on the list of common fears and some research suggests that humans are… Read more

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The Tide is High

The AER releases its annual industry water use report

Like aquatic plants, splish-splashy fish, and the human body, Alberta industries rely on water to survive. The oil and gas sector is no exception. It is allocated a portion of the province’s water,… Read more

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Where There’s Always an Answer

The AER’s Customer Contact Centre responds to thousands of questions from Albertans each year

Jayden Skibsted counts down the days until he can crack open another regulatory directive, like a good book, and devour it whole.

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Going Big

The AER’s Conversations that Matter video series explains what really goes on in the oil sands

Things are bigger in Alberta’s oil sands: from the giant trucks that are dwarfed only by the impressive size of the mines themselves, everything about the oil sands hap

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Rock Talk

The AER’s Alberta Geological Survey speaks for the stones

If the rocks could talk, what would they say?

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Throwback Thursday: Rough-and-ready Rangers

Remembering the rough-and-ready, no-frills inspectors of the explorer era

Back in the “explorer era” between the Leduc discovery in 1947 and the sour-gas blowout in 1982, ERCB inspectors were rough-and-ready rangers who roamed the Alberta plains to keep up with the… Read more

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Inspection, Detection, Protection

Companies have several options to detect and respond to a pipeline release

Most pipeline leaks that occur in Alberta are small.

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