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Energy Clairvoyance: Fortune-telling Alberta’s Oil and Gas Sector

The Alberta Energy Regulator releases its annual reserves and supply report

How does one predict the future of an entire industry, particularly one that is characteristically unpredictable? The answer can be summed up in a couple of words: science and economics. Each year… Read more

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Because Every Drop Counts

Updated report shows companies are using less water

Talk to any fitness-tracker user and they’ll admit they enjoy seeing how their step count compares with those of family, friends, and work colleagues. Let’s face it, everyone strives to be better… Read more

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Court is in Session

The AER and OWA appeal Redwater decision to the Supreme Court

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) argued today before Canada’s highest court in an effort to ensure that provincial legislation that says polluters must pay to clean up their mess is upheld. In May… Read more

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Keep it Moving in the Cold

How Alberta’s oil and gas industry copes with the cold

How cold is too cold? If you’re an oil and gas company operating in the oil sands in Northern Alberta, the answer will disappoint you. Regardless of how low the mercury dips on the thermometer,… Read more

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Gearing Down to Green Up

AER initiative makes fleet vehicles easier on the environment and the wallet

Average monthly CO2 emissions per vehicle have fallen by 20 per cent since 2014. Kermit the Frog was right: it’s not easy being green. That’s especially true when it comes to getting from point A to… Read more

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A Diamond Resource in the Rough?

Believe it or not, Alberta’s geology hides more than oil and gas riches

Alberta is famous for its cowboys and cowgirls, energy development, and breathtaking Rocky Mountain views. But did you know that there’s a sparkly little secret beneath our feet? Yes, Alberta’s… Read more

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Much More Than Core

The Core Research Centre is a unique facility that is much more than a storage space for rocks

Doug Hayden says he has spent the better part of his 30-plus-year career in cubicle number 153 at the Core Research Centre (CRC), noting with pride that “it’s like I just moved in and never moved out… Read more

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A Deeper Dive into What’s Causing the Fox Creek Quakes

A new study led by an Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) seismologist sheds light on why the number and magnitude of earthquakes in the Fox Creek region of Alberta are on the rise. The Alberta Energy… Read more

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Detecting Earthquakes, Ice Quakes, and Everything in Between

AER’s extensive seismic monitoring system confirms “ice quake” west of Edmonton

In the late evening on January 1, residents of the village of Alberta Beach, about 70 kilometres west of Edmonton, may have felt some shaking that wasn’t the result of a New Year’s Eve party gone… Read more

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Building a Regulator

The AER lends its peer to the North a helping hand

How do you build a great regulator? This was the million-dollar question James Fulford asked when the National Energy Board stopped its oversight of most of the Northwest Territories’ onshore energy… Read more

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