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An Energy Industry’s Space Odyssey

Oil and gas companies are using satellite technology for monitoring operations

Space may be the final frontier, but one need not board the starship Enterprise to see the benefits of orbiting the earth. Satellites are being used by the oil and gas industry to understand what’s… Read more

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Breaking Up Ain’t Hard to Do

The spring thaw puts a freeze on much of Alberta’s drilling activity

They say that April showers bring May flowers, but in the oil patch, spring brings drilling activity to a near standstill in much of Alberta, in what is known as “spring breakup.” It may seem counter… Read more

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When a Setback is a Good Thing

In oil and gas development, setbacks help to keep the public safe

When we think of setbacks, the first thing that comes to mind is a failure or reversal of fortune (e.g., “We suffered a serious setback that will delay the project for months.”). But in the energy… Read more

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Applications Denied

Safety concerns prompt AER to deny company’s bid to drill sour wells

Simply put, if the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) believes a company can’t operate a well safely, we won’t grant it a licence. This week, the AER made good on that commitment by denying Bashaw Oil… Read more

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“D” is for Diversity

Boost in petrochemical capacity should fuel Alberta’s NGLs

What do a plastic water bottle, a gallon of paint, the rubber soles of your sneakers, fertilizer, and your laundry detergent all have in common? They’re all examples of how you use petrochemicals in… Read more

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We’ve Had Some Work Done

Updated Resource site still telling “stories with energy”

One constant in life is that change is inevitable. Here at Resource, we’ve decided to embrace that inevitability. We’ve updated the Resource website, inspired by feedback we’ve received from both… Read more

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What’s the Alternative?

Finding energy-efficient ways to power the energy industry

Some might call it ironic that the oil and gas industry would turn to other energy sources to help power their operations. Those in the know, however, would call it a smart business decision. “Using… Read more

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Promises, Promises

Stock promoters played a key role in fueling Alberta’s early oil booms

In the early, rough-and-tumble days of Alberta’s oil industry, an army of promoters sought to raise capital needed to fuel the booms, often by promising quick riches from “black-gold rushes.” This… Read more

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Energy Clairvoyance: Fortune-telling Alberta’s Oil and Gas Sector

The Alberta Energy Regulator releases its annual reserves and supply report

How does one predict the future of an entire industry, particularly one that is characteristically unpredictable? The answer can be summed up in a couple of words: science and economics. Each year… Read more

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Because Every Drop Counts

Updated report shows companies are using less water

Talk to any fitness-tracker user and they’ll admit they enjoy seeing how their step count compares with those of family, friends, and work colleagues. Let’s face it, everyone strives to be better… Read more

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