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The Language of Chaos

The Incident Command System uses a special language. Do you know what it means?

A catastrophic incident has occurred. First responders from multiple organizations quickly don protective equipment and race to the site in an effort to protect lives and minimize damage. But when so… Read more

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Our Election Vacay

Resource takes a break as Albertans go to the polls

As one of the Government of Alberta’s many agencies, boards, and commissions, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) is limiting communications during the provincial election period, which includes this… Read more

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The Data Deep-Dive

The AER launches a report that gets to the heart of Alberta’s geological plays

When it comes to data, our reserves are deep—but the earth’s oil and gas reserves are even deeper. To help Albertans get a glimpse at what’s going on under the surface, the Alberta Energy Regulator (… Read more

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Riddle Me This: How is Natural Gas Like Dipping Sauce?

Like dipping sauce, natural gas can be sweet or sour—but the latter can be tough to swallow (and smell)

I have sweet friends, but I’m nothing like them. I stink, but you can’t always smell me. I can be used in life-giving fertilizers, but I’m a killer. What am I? Answer: I’m sour gas, a natural gas… Read more

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It’s Better Together

AER staff team up with indigenous communities to conduct inspections

The notion that “teamwork makes the dream work” is often instilled in us when we’re children. However, sometimes things shift as we mature. Some start flying solo, which becomes a preferred method of… Read more

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The Snow Must Go On

Polar vortex or not, AER field inspectors brave the elements to ensure things are running as they should

The temperature gauge on the dashboard reads 34 degrees below zero as our truck winds through quiet Gratton Coulee near Wainwright, Alberta. There isn’t much that can lure people outdoors in this… Read more

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Freeing Up the Pipeline Freeway

New technology could save Alberta’s oil sands industry both money and time

Energy companies in Alberta face no shortage of challenges when it comes to moving oil and gas. One of them is the shipping of the thick, molasses-like resource known as bitumen out of our landlocked… Read more

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Throwback Thursday: Isn’t That Appealing?

In the aftermath of the Redwater appeal, the AER recalls a time before the courts heard appeals of any sort

With the words “Redwater appeal” top-of-mind following the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling, it calls to mind a time where appealing judicial decisions was not only not done, but all but unheard of.

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A Sponge-Worthy Oil Spill

University-developed “super sponge” can sop up spilled oil for reuse later

Be it a pipeline, railcar, or tanker, the means of moving oil to market come with risks that a spill could happen. There are many technologies available to clean up spills, but not to salvage the oil… Read more

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Using Less to Produce More

AER report includes data that shows less water being used in energy development

It’s the middle of winter, and the world around us is frozen—tree branches droop with snow and lakes have transformed from glacier-blue basins to nature’s crystal-clear ice rinks. But the water from… Read more

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