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Well, Well, Well

Urban wells are business as usual in the place known as "Gas City…

There is a good reason why Medicine Hat is affectionately known as "The Gas City." Just 58 kilometres from the first natural gas discovery in the province, this southern Alberta city is home to 63 000… Read more

“Who We Are”: Sharing National Indigenous Peoples…

A message from Doreen Healy, the AER’s resident elder, about National…

Paint the Town Pink

A pump jack has been painted pink for breast cancer awareness

Fall colours are celebrated all over Alberta—the oranges, yellows, and pinks. Yes, pink. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and one town in northern Alberta has added pink to its fall colour re… Read more

Our Mandate Through a Different Lens

The AER’s mandate can be understood through written word and through t…

We tend to think of a mandate as a string of words—a linear idea, maybe one that’s a little vowel-heavy. The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has something like that: our mandate is to ensure the effici… Read more

Earning a Seat in Their Circle

The AER, First Nations elders share their journey of understanding

Canada has been inhabited for more than 40 000 years by indigenous peoples, which includes First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people. Canada’s indigenous peoples share many similarities but have distinct… Read more

Introducing 2.0

The AER unveils a new website that you may actually enjoy using

These days, if you have a question, an answer is almost always one Google search away. If you’re curious about energy development in Alberta, it’s no different—that’s why many people turn to the Alber… Read more

We’ve Had Some Work Done

Updated Resource site still telling “stories with energy”

One constant in life is that change is inevitable. Here at Resource, we’ve decided to embrace that inevitability. We’ve updated the Resource website, inspired by feedback we’ve received from both insi… Read more

Building a Regulator

The AER lends its peer to the North a helping hand

How do you build a great regulator? This was the million-dollar question James Fulford asked when the National Energy Board stopped its oversight of most of the Northwest Territories’ onshore energy d… Read more

Getting the Global Party Started

The AER welcomes delegations from 13 countries for an energetic dialog…

What do you do when the international community knocks on your door some 30 times a year, eager to learn more about best practices in energy regulation? If you’re the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), y… Read more

Mediation and the Three Bears

How mediation helps find a solution that’s just right for everyone

Sometimes we need to tell stories a little differently to help readers understand what a process is truly about. This is one of those times. Once upon a time there were three bears that lived in Alber… Read more

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