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Environment Environment

Earthquakes and Energy – the science behind the perfect storm

How the AER’s leading technology helps us learn about human-caused ear…

A look at the different between earthquakes and induced seismicity, how this occurs, and how the Alberta Geological Survey monitors occurrences in Alberta.

Assessing the Impact

EIAs play an important role in how the AER protects the environment

The environment is a hot topic (and that’s not just a global warming pun). Canadians care deeply about how oil and gas development will affect the environment and their safety, and rightly so. However… Read more

Don’t Poke the Bear

The nature of environmental management at the AER

No one likes to be stirred from a good nap, particularly if you’ve been asleep for several months. So when an oil and gas company came across a bear den during construction of its pipeline, Alberta En… Read more

When containment matters

AER releases new storage requirements

The AER has released new requirements that will reduce industry’s reliance on Alberta’s rivers and lakes and reduce industry traffic.

One Drop at a Time

AER’s annual report shows how the energy industry uses water

Day-to-day, there are several things we would probably prefer not to monitor: steps (not) taken, screen time, cups of coffee, errands to run – and the list goes on.

Water tales

A new story mapping tool brings groundwater information to the surface

Everything has a story, even groundwater.

A tale of trial, tribulation, and triumph

How a creative sentencing decision led to the creation of I-STEAM Path…

Were internships and co-op placements in endless supply during the summer of 2020?

Planting the seeds of reclamation

Oil sands operators continue to work towards reclaiming Northern Alber…

Reclamation is a vital part of the energy development lifecycle beginning at the application stage as part of the review process, right until the project's conclusion.

Your feedback requested

The AER opens public comment period for draft manual

Water is life. It's a sentiment shared across the globe and one that echoes true here in Alberta.

The Methane Method

How the AER is supporting methane emissions reduction

Reducing methane emissions is a provincial, national, and global priority, and the AER is doing its part to get the job done.

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