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Top 5 of 2021

AER’s top stories from 2021

Check out the top 5 headlines from 2021:

Cleaning up eligibility

New requirements for financial assessment will help with liability man…

Whether you're talking about the aftermath from a dinner party, or the far more serious nature of oil and gas development, someone has to take responsibility for the clean up.

School of Rock

The Core Research Centre holds one of the largest collections of drill…

Did you know that the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER’s) Core Research Centre (CRC) in Calgary holds one of the largest, most complete drilling histories in the world? Almost two million metres of cor… Read more

Throwback Thursday: The Flying Ace and His Oilfiel…

Alberta pilots stretched the limits of aviation to develop resources i…

Wilfred "Wop" May was one of the first Canadian pilots with enough skill and grit to carry both oil and gas workers and gear north by air.

A Numbers Game

A look at the AER purely from numbers perspective

This year has already brought us a whirlwind of bizarre, startling, and heartfelt moments for everyone—and 2020 is only half over!

Predicting the Future in an Unpredictable Present

The AER releases its annual Alberta Energy Outlook report amidst an un…

How can you take aim effectively at a constantly moving target when everything around you is shifting faster than you can say “unprecedented times?”

One Act, Two Perspectives

The Natural Resources Transfer Act of 1930 meant different things to d…

Imagine yourself in 1905, when the population for all of Alberta was 250 000, before skyscrapers, grain elevators and pumpjacks lined the landscape, and just as the pro

Oil Sands: What’s the Dirt?

Dipping into the three-layer dip of an oil sands mine

As the weather gets nicer, the sun shines a little hotter, and the country’s public health restrictions slowly begin to relax, one can’t help but have thoughts of barbecues and picnics—burgers, salads… Read more

The Glory Days

Step back in time and experience Alberta during its first oil boom at…

Long before Fort McMurray, Turner Valley was the heart of Alberta’s energy development industry. Natural gas was discovered in Turner Valley in 1914, and the Turner Valley Gas Plant was built to proce… Read more

Throwback Thursday: The Fate of East Coulee and th…

Taking a look back at Alberta's coal boom in the badlands

During its peak years around 1930 and again later in the mid-1940s, the East Coulee coal mining town near Drumheller in Alberta’s Red Deer River Valley was home to over 3000 residents and dozens of th… Read more

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