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Who You Gonna Call?

Need information on energy development? The AER can help, so can some…

If you’re among the tens of thousands of Albertans who live near oil and gas development, you likely know that sometimes you need help getting to the bottom of things. What you may not know is who to… Read more

Throwback Thursday: A Night at the Energeum

It wasn’t the Royal Tyrrell Museum, but the regulator’s Energeum used…

Perhaps you remember the little museum the regulator used to run. You know, the Energeum?

You Got Questions? We Got Answers!

AER EnerFAQs respond to queries on energy resource development and how…

If you don’t work in the industry, steering through the complexities of oil and gas development can be like using a GPS device in another language as you drive through the twisty streets of a foreign… Read more

Well, What’s the Difference?

Orphaned, abandoned, reclaimed: understanding how wells are classed

Wells have been on the tip of many Albertans’ tongues as of late. That’s because Alberta has a lot of them—over a century of oil and gas development in the province has given us hundreds of thousands… Read more

The Ballad of Kootenai Brown

Colourful adventurer was among the first to report oil in Alberta

Sit back and listen to the tale of John George “Kootenai” Brown. It was the mid-1870s, long before Alberta was a glint in the Dominion’s eye, when Brown first noted oil seeps in the area now known as… Read more

A Lump in Your Stocking, and Other Coal Facts

The AER makes sure that coal mining happens safely in Alberta

Coal and Christmas have a history: Frosty’s eyes are fashioned from it, Scrooge is stingy about burning it in the office, and don’t get us started on the lump that Sant

Throwback Thursday: Great Explorations

Early explorer and geologist George Dawson gave Canada insight into it…

George Mercer Dawson is as unlikely an explorer as one might find in Canadian history. As a child, he contracted Pott’s Disease, a form of tuberculosis that infects the spine. Although he recovered, h… Read more

A Chance to Be Heard

A closer look at an AER hearing in action

AER hearings are formal, court-like proceedings used to gather information before deciding on some energy project applications – from a single well to major oil sands projects. Hearings are conducted… Read more

Art of the Agreement

AER can investigate if companies fail to honour registered private sur…

Before they can turn a drill bit or drive a shovel into the ground, oil and gas companies need permission to use private land.

REEs Rock, but Not Ready to Roll

Alberta may be a producer of rare earth elements one day

Rare earth elements (REEs) have been part of our planet since the beginning.

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