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More Than Oil in Them Thar Hills

More interest being shown in Alberta's mineral resources.

When you think of Alberta’s resources, oil is top of mind. Turns out, though, Alberta’s geology hides more than just oil and gas—word is getting out that gold, lithium, iron, rare-earth elements, zinc… Read more

It Doesn’t Smell Like Roses, But It Does Help Them…

Alberta sulphur is important to crops and the economy

The aroma of rotten eggs smells like money to some Albertans. In 2015, sulphur accounted for $420 million of Alberta’s energy-resource production, a small portion compared to the $67 billion the rest… Read more

Alberta Pipelines: They’re Out of This World

The AER regulates thousands of kilometres of pipeline

The AER is responsible for ensuring that the “upstream” pipelines—those which transport oil and gas from wells and facilities to “downstream” parties, such as refiners and utilities—that crisscross Al… Read more

5,000 “Rock” Stars, One Stage

What the conversation turns to when a multitude of geologists gather

Part of the foundation of protective and effective regulation is hard science. Initiatives like area-based regulation, for example, require a detailed understanding of the geology of Alberta. This is… Read more

Gas Production Gets a Boost

Output is expected to fall in years to come due to fewer wells, lower…

It heats our homes, it generates electricity, and for some it even cooks dinner. And last year we produced a bit more of it. Alberta’s conventional natural gas production increased slightly in 2015 to… Read more

Five Places That Will “Rock” Your World

Geological attractions that, like Pokémon Go, will get you off the cou…

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you or someone you know is playing Pokémon Go. In Alberta, Pokémon hunters have been spotted everywhere from graveyards to mountain tops. The good news is, pe… Read more

The Laws of Gravity and Murphy Apply

Five things to know about Alberta’s energy economy

The past year has been educational for those who took Alberta’s previously strong energy economy for granted. We’ve learned that our economy is a bit like an orchid: finicky, it responds to changes in… Read more

Energy Data at Your Fingertips

AER moves Alberta’s energy supply/demand outlook report online

With a few simple clicks, Albertans can now find the information they need on Alberta’s energy reserves and production through our new interactive online approach to ST98-2016: Alberta's Energy Reserv… Read more

Going Places

Where Alberta’s natural gas, crude oil, and coal went in 2015

Alberta’s energy resources—crude oil, natural gas, and coal—are in demand. Our biggest customer continues to be the United States, though markets in Alberta, across Canada, and in Asia and Europe are… Read more

Why Less is Sometimes More

Stacking rule upon rule may seem like a good way to ensure public safety and protect the environment. After all, shouldn’t more rules bring about better behaviour? Thing is, technologies evolve and ne… Read more

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