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Court is in Session

The AER and OWA appeal Redwater decision to the Supreme Court

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) argued today before Canada’s highest court in an effort to ensure that provincial legislation that says polluters must pay to clean up their mess is upheld. In May 2… Read more

A Deeper Dive into What’s Causing the Fox Creek Qu…

A new study led by an Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) seismologist sheds light on why the number and magnitude of earthquakes in the Fox Creek region of Alberta are on the rise. The Alberta Energy Reg… Read more

Detecting Earthquakes, Ice Quakes, and Everything…

AER’s extensive seismic monitoring system confirms “ice quake” west of…

In the late evening on January 1, residents of the village of Alberta Beach, about 70 kilometres west of Edmonton, may have felt some shaking that wasn’t the result of a New Year’s Eve party gone long… Read more

Putting Companies Under the Microscope

The AER issues new regulatory requirements to weed out bad operators

Companies wanting to operate in Alberta’s oil and gas industry will find themselves being examined through a stronger lens before they’re given the green light to do business in the province. The Albe… Read more

See You in Court

Supreme Court opens door to AER appeal of Redwater decision

Picture oil and gas companies walking away from thousands of wells, receivers of insolvent companies selling off the good assets and casting aside the bad ones, and Albertans being on the hook to clea… Read more

First Tailings Pond Reclaimed

What was once a tailings pond is now a scenic lookout

Fifty years after its opening, Alberta’s first oil sands tailings pond is now the province’s first reclaimed tailings pond—a big deal for a big parcel of land. The 220-hectare site has gone from an in… Read more

Emergency Response Goes Mobile in Cochrane

A synergy group helps its fire department by funding an incident comma…

The Town of Cochrane recently unveiled its new incident management trailer, funded by the Cochrane Pipeline Operators Committee—a synergy group that includes the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

Nexen Charged for Massive Spill

AER brings charges against Nexen for 2015 pipeline release

Charges have been laid against Nexen for one of Alberta’s largest pipeline spills, which released 5000 cubic metres of crude oil and produced water at its Long Lake site near Fort McMurray in July 201…

Moving it out of the Courtroom

Lexin agrees to cooperate with receivership, director pays $175 000

Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) efforts to resolve legal challenges with Lexin Resources Ltd. have led to the company agreeing to voluntarily include four related corporate entities in a previously ord… Read more

Coal Mining Company Penalized

Prairie Mines pleads guilty to Obed Mine spill charges

The coal mining company responsible for contaminating a northern Alberta river system has received one of the largest penalties for a single release in Alberta history under the Environmental Protecti… Read more

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