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Every Drop Counts

AER launches industry water-use report to drive performance

You may be surprised to learn that the energy industry used just over two per cent of all water that was allocated across all industries in Alberta last year. Nonetheless, when it comes to water, ever… Read more

Award Not Water Off a Duck’s Back

AER employee recognized for leadership in water innovation

It goes without saying that water is our most valuable resource. Ask Mike Bevan, an advisor with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), and he would emphatically agree. Bevan has built a career around un… Read more

CEO Seeks More Accountability

Jim Ellis talks tough on industry neglect

Jim Ellis doesn’t mince his words about orphan wells in Alberta. In a Calgary Herald article, the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER’s) president and CEO wouldn’t speculate what will happen next, but say… Read more

Company Pays Price for Spill

AER fines Murphy Oil for its 2015 pipeline spill near Peace River

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has fined Murphy Oil Company $172 500 for a 2015 pipeline spill near Peace River. This fine comes after the AER’s investigation into the spill, which found that Murp… Read more

A Strong Response

The AER takes serious action against Lexin Resources

After several months and many attempts to bring Lexin Resources Ltd. into compliance, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has issued a corporate closure order, suspending licences for all company wells… Read more

Celebrating Alberta’s First Oil Triumph

Monday marked the 70th anniversary of historic Leduc well

On a Monday, 70 years ago, an oilfield crew struck black gold in a farm field south of Devon, Alberta. It was a happy accident: the Leduc No. 1 well site was thought to be a “dry hole” when Imperial O… Read more

Leading the Way

AER CEO recognized for leadership

Typically, it’s the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER’s) job to grade others’ work against regulatory expectations and standards.

Pouring over the Spill

AER investigators will probe causes of the Fox Creek pipeline release

Like all Albertans, word of a pipeline spill creates concern about the protection of safety and the environment. For AER employees it means moving quickly the minute the call comes in. So earlier this… Read more

After the Guilty Plea

Alberta court sentences Apache for incidents

We've all watched enough movies to know that the guilty plea is often the beginning of the story. What comes after—the judge’s decision—is where people’s interest can really peak. This week, an Albert… Read more

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