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The Snow Must Go On

Polar vortex or not, AER field inspectors brave the elements to ensure…

Editor's note: With the recent cold snap in Alberta, proving that March can be both a lion and a lamb, we are re-running this story from 2019 as a reminder that

Making the FIRST Call

Julie St. Louis says AER’s emergency response team is prepared for any…

Not all emergency responders arrive with the blare of sirens and tricoloured lights.

This is Gonna be a Gas

A first-timer’s journey into the world of sour gas preparedness

On any given workday, you'll find me in the comfort of my cubicle, researching best regulatory practices and sharing what I learn with decision makers at the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). This work… Read more

Snakes on the Plains

Those working around Medicine Hat face a very unique, slithery hazard

They slither, they slide, they hiss, they rattle, they bite, and, for many people, they are scary.

Preparing for the Worst

Syncrude, regulators test ability to respond to an emergency

As in any other day, technicians working in the control room at Syncrude's Mildred Lake oil sands mine check to see that everything is operating the way that it should

Wells: Where are they now?

AER video series explores how aging infrastructure is managed in Alber…

When we speak with Albertans, one of the top concerns raised about energy development is aging infrastructure and ensuring that land is returned to its original state o

The Language of Chaos

The Incident Command System uses a special language. Do you know what…

A catastrophic incident has occurred. First responders from multiple organizations quickly don protective equipment and race to the site in an effort to protect lives and minimize damage. But when so… Read more

Riddle Me This: How is Natural Gas Like Dipping Sa…

Like dipping sauce, natural gas can be sweet or sour—but the latter ca…

I have sweet friends, but I’m nothing like them. I stink, but you can’t always smell me. I can be used in life-giving fertilizers, but I’m a killer. What am I? Answer: I’m sour gas, a natural gas… Read more

The Snow Must Go On

Polar vortex or not, AER field inspectors brave the elements to ensure…

The temperature gauge on the dashboard reads 34 degrees below zero as our truck winds through quiet Gratton Coulee near Wainwright, Alberta. There isn’t much that can lure people outdoors in this… Read more

Solving Oil and Gas Mysteries

AER investigators sift through clues to find what caused incidents.

They wear hard hats instead of deerstalker caps and employ 21st-century investigative techniques rather than 19th-century methods.

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