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Environment Safety & Enforcement

A Sweet End for Sour Wells

South Calgary residents get a rare view of sour well abandonment

Calgary’s new communities in the south offer a lot to residents, including scenic vistas and a quick exit to the foothills and mountains. Now residents can add another item to the list: the rare… Read more

Through an Inspector’s Eyes

Like a detective, Jodie Fedorak pieces together clues at energy sites…

Jodie Fedorak has lost track of the number of oil and gas sites she’s visited in her five years as a field inspector with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). From one corner of the province to… Read more

Practise makes perfect

Emergency response exercises make sure energy responders are ready for…

AER requires energy operators to practise responding to emergencies so that when an incident happens, they’re ready. “This is an exercise. Do you understand this is only an exercise?” The words were… Read more

Nexen Charged for Massive Spill

AER brings charges against Nexen for 2015 pipeline release

Charges have been laid against Nexen for one of Alberta’s largest pipeline spills, which released 5000 cubic metres of crude oil and produced water at its Long Lake site near Fort McMurray in July… Read more

Lessons The Beast Taught Us

The Fort McMurray wildfires proved that even a strong emergency respon…

The cozy smells of coffee, melted butter, and maple syrup from a Mother’s Day breakfast still wafted through the air when Colin Woods got the call. Without asking questions, the manager of the AER’s… Read more

All’s Well That Ends Well

Orphaned, abandoned, reclaimed: understanding how wells are classed

Albertans began prospecting for “black gold” more than a century ago. Years and years of drilling for oil and natural gas has resulted in more than just wealth for the province—it’s resulted in… Read more

Keeping Mischief at Bay

Protecting Alberta’s energy industry from vandalism, theft a shared re…

Alberta's energy industry spans the province; unsurprisingly, keeping Alberta's energy facilities safe is a big job-and a vital one. In January, RCMP responded to a deliberate act of vandalism… Read more

Driving Pipeline Performance

A new program launches in Alberta to improve pipeline safety

Kirk Bailey, the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER) executive vice president of operations, knew that more could be done to improve pipeline safety, and that the solution wasn’t to just craft more… Read more

The Order of Things

Why following directions puts everyone ahead

What do you think of when you hear the word “order?” How about an angry army sergeant barking at new recruits? What about a friendly waitress writing down your favourite meal? No matter the scenario… Read more

Anatomy of a Blowout

A glance at the heart of an operation, and how AER keeps its finger on…

Dissecting an oil and gas operation is no small undertaking. Wells reach deep into the earth to pull out oil and natural gas. Drilling and servicing operations have many moving parts and unique… Read more