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Environment Technology

What’s Up

Expanding drone technology took flight at the Western Regulators Forum.

Look up. Look way up. That gently buzzing bird you see near regulated oil and gas sites is actually the AER making better use of technology.

Brawn and Brains

The massive trucks used in the oil sands carry both heavy loads and heavy technology

Everything seems larger than life at an oil sands mine.

Meet the New Neighbours

Solar energy companies are moving on to old oil and gas sites to save money and land

Think back to the last time you moved; did you enter your new home to find it spick and span or did the previous residents leave a mess behind? 

Keeping Innovation Alive in Alberta

The Evergreen Centre is Alberta's innovation station for environmentally mindful energy development

Eleven years ago Doug Kulba, while working as a conservation and reclamation inspector with the Government of Alberta, had a thought: what if technology and innovation could be used to shrink the oil… Read more

Keeping the Lightbulb Lit

The AER helps industry introduce bright ideas while ensuring that they’re safe

When a company has a lightbulb moment, the last thing you want is someone to hit the off switch. Innovation within the energy industry is constant, and the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) understands… Read more

Just One More Slice

Petrologists peer into slivers of rock seeking good fortune

Some people read gemstones in pursuit of personal clarity: emeralds, for example, are said to help foretell the future. For a few scientists in Alberta’s oil and gas sector, however, sedimentary… Read more

Experiencing Alberta’s Oily Underbelly

A tour through the oil sands reveals that Alberta’s black core is mining gold

While energy extraction occurs all over Alberta, our oil and gas industry’s heartland is within our province’s thick, boreal forests.

The Father of Oil Sands Extraction

Dr. Karl Clark’s patent proved vital to Alberta’s energy future

The year was 1929, and as the world entered the Great Depression, a chemist from Ontario was busy pursuing a patent for a game-changing oil sands technology. Although Dr. Karl Clark merely suspected… Read more

Inspection, Detection, Protection

Companies have several options to detect and respond to a pipeline release

Most pipeline leaks that occur in Alberta are small.

Watching for Mountainous Movements

AGS monitors mountain 116 years after deadly rockslide

The Tortoise and the Hare, a fable of slow and steady work, is something the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) can relate to when it comes to Turtle Mountain—a mountain in Alberta's Crowsnest Pass that… Read more

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