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Environment Technology

The Data Deep-Dive

The AER launches a report that gets to the heart of Alberta’s geological plays

When it comes to data, our reserves are deep—but the earth’s oil and gas reserves are even deeper. To help Albertans get a glimpse at what’s going on under the surface, the Alberta Energy Regulator (… Read more

Freeing Up the Pipeline Freeway

New technology could save Alberta’s oil sands industry both money and time

Energy companies in Alberta face no shortage of challenges when it comes to moving oil and gas. One of them is the shipping of the thick, molasses-like resource known as bitumen out of our landlocked… Read more

A Sponge-Worthy Oil Spill

University-developed “super sponge” can sop up spilled oil for reuse later

Be it a pipeline, railcar, or tanker, the means of moving oil to market come with risks that a spill could happen. There are many technologies available to clean up spills, but not to salvage the oil… Read more

Shaking Things Up In Fox Creek

A new seismic monitoring station in Fox Creek helps experts monitor earthquakes more closely.

Just the thought of an earthquake leaves many Albertans quivering in their boots. It’s even harder to shake the thought if you’re a resident of Fox Creek, a small, earthquake-prone town nestled in… Read more

The Power of Water

Waterjet technology helps make well abandonments quicker, cheaper

Saving time? Yep. Saving money? Of course. Reducing the environmental impact? Absolutely. It's quite exciting when a technology checks all three of those boxes, especially when the business end of… Read more

Taking Geology to New Dimensions

AGS’s 3D geological models help evaluate Alberta’s oil and gas resources

Geological work is much more than geoscientists wielding their rock hammers for the purpose of academic study. As the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) demonstrates, it’s also about using the latest… Read more

Eye in the Sky

How the AER is using drones to inspect oil and gas sites

It’s a bird, it’s a plane. Nope, it’s a drone. Aerial monitoring technology has changed the way the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) monitors oil and gas facilities for the better. It saves thousands… Read more

Keep it Moving in the Cold

How Alberta’s oil and gas industry copes with the cold

How cold is too cold? If you’re an oil and gas company operating in the oil sands in Northern Alberta, the answer will disappoint you. Regardless of how low the mercury dips on the thermometer,… Read more

No Smell, No Problem

How advancing technology makes monitoring methane more effective for the AER

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) is typically not in the business of cool, but when you take a closer look at what we use to do our job a different kind of story emerges; one of the gizmos and… Read more

Making OneStop the Only Stop

New technology will help the AER be a more efficient and protective regulator

Decisions are required on oil and gas development approvals at every step. This can prove daunting for industry, the public, and the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). In response, the AER has adopted… Read more

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