Making OneStop the Only Stop

New technology will help the AER be a more efficient and protective regulator

Decisions are required on oil and gas development approvals at every step. This can prove daunting for industry, the public, and the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

In response, the AER has adopted an approach that allows it to accept integrated applications and make better-informed decisions. At the heart of this approach is a new technology called OneStop, which reduces wait times to a matter of hours while also making it easier for everyone to understand the AER’s decisions.

Instead of inputting information into multiple systems, operators submit applications into a single system. In addition to simplifying the application process for operators, OneStop streamlines the AER’s review process by processing low-risk applications automatically and forwarding higher-risk applications to our staff for a detailed review.

This platform was recently recognized at the 2017 Global Architectural Excellence Awards when it took home first place for architectural excellence in energy and utilities.

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