Pouring over the Spill

AER investigators will probe causes of the Fox Creek pipeline release

Like all Albertans, word of a pipeline spill creates concern about the protection of safety and the environment. For AER employees it means moving quickly the minute the call comes in. So earlier this month, when the AER received word of a release near the town of Fox Creek, a team of investigators wasted no time in taking action.

On October 25, two weeks after Trilogy Energy Corporation pipeline release, the AER made public its launching of a formal investigation. The investigation will look at all aspects of the incident, which saw an estimated 1570 barrels (250 cubic metres) of oil emulsion—a half-oil and half-water mix—released.

In addition to launching an investigation, the AER also ordered the company to immediately take the following actions:

  • suspend operations,
  • contain the spill,
  • prevent the mix from flowing outside the spill site,
  • protect wildlife and the environment, and
  • control access to the area.

The AER will share the results of its investigation once complete.

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