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Alberta - April 23, 2018

The Alberta government today announced draft requirements to reduce methane emissions. The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) is inviting public feedback on these requirements starting April 24, 2018.

The AER developed the draft requirements to support the government’s Climate Leadership Plan, with a goal to reduce methane emissions from the upstream oil and gas sector by 45 per cent from 2014 levels by 2025.

The requirements address the primary sources of methane emissions from Alberta’s upstream oil and gas industry: fugitive emissions and venting—including emissions from compressors, pneumatic devices, and glycol dehydrators. They also focus on improved measurement, monitoring, and reporting of methane emissions.

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Story Comments

Ken Webb

Oops! We can't seem to find the page you're looking for. This is what I get when I hit the public feedback. AER has no real public notification process nor do oil companies. This looks like a strategy to keep the public in the dark. Rural areas lack any information regarding what is happening around them. Try Posting it in local papers or through the mail, this should be the responsibility of the oil companies. Yes they hold BBQs and hand out pamphlets far in advance but the information stops there. They need to notify the public when applying for, Surface water diversion, fracking ponds, fracking it self. Start considering the people of Alberta not just the OIL INDUSTRY we are collectively getting very angry with the lack of accessible information.

Resource Editor

Hi Ken,
Thank you for alerting us to the broken link to the feedback page; we have fixed this issue. As for notifying the public about energy development, we share project applications on our Public Notice of Application page for 30 days (unless otherwise specified), which helps anyone who is concerned about a project find and understand the development plans. We may also issue notice by newspaper, electronically, by making a copy of the application available at a local AER field centre or office, or by notifying in person. Regardless of the option selected, our notification requirements are set by the Responsible Energy Development Act, which can be found here:


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