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Alberta - October 21, 2019

The Alberta Energy Regulator has partnered with Piikani Nation and the University of Lethbridge to create the Braiding Environmental Knowledge program, which aims to integrate Indigenous knowledge with environmental monitoring technology.

The initiative adopts technology that was developed for community-based monitoring in Australia, where ranger groups use these monitoring technologies to track environmental conditions and record land-management work.

By partnering with the University of Lethbridge, First Nations students receive training in environmental science and the use of monitoring technologies. The Piikani community-based monitoring program provides students an opportunity to apply their skills and gain experience in the growing field of environmental monitoring.

Through their community-based monitoring program, Piikani Nation will be able to collect information through an environmental monitoring system for use in the community and to share information externally.

Watch this video to learn more.

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Story Comments

Lynn Smith

It is super to be able to have this partnership, being in southern Alberta would have the benefit of close proximity to facilities. The metis community that I reside/work for located over 400 km north of Edmonton would be interested in this project, unfortunately proximity to facilities/labs is limited due to our remoteness. More information would be greatly appreciated on moving forward with a project similar to this and from all partners that are involved. Congratulations to all involved for being innovative and creating a footprint that others can follow


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