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Calgary, Alberta - June 27, 2016

By better understanding the AER’s unique role in the energy sector, we hope that people will feel more assured that we’re fulfilling our mandate of protecting the public, the environment, and Alberta’s energy resources.

Kim Blanchette - VP Public Affairs

The business of keeping Alberta’s energy industry on the straight and narrow can be a complex one. To wade through the complexities, the AER employs engineers, geoscientists, lawyers, environmental scientists, and other experts who help develop and enforce the rules that ensure oil and gas development is safe.

In their jobs, these professionals often speak a technical, specialized language that can seem out of reach or confusing for many—even for some who work here. To reduce the confusion, the AER constantly looks for new and better ways to share our stories; our latest information-sharing tool being the new Resource news and information site.

“Albertans have told us many times that they want to learn about what we’re doing,” says Kim Blanchette, vice-president of Public Affairs. “What’s more, the AER has worked hard to be transparent and share our stories with Albertans and stakeholders.”

Being transparent doesn’t mean simply posting technical reports and data on a website; it means reframing this information in ways that are accessible to everyone and that makes for a good read.

Through stories, videos, photos, and other types of content, Resource will feature current issues and topics and explain our role in addressing them.

The new site will be updated weekly, and its content will be organized into four categories: environment, safety and enforcement, community, and a section called “Good2Know” that offers a variety of useful information about the energy industry, the AER, and our work.

We’re also relying on the theory that if we build it, they will come. We believe that by providing Albertans, and stakeholders, and those from outside our province with a clearer view into our world, they will feel more confident that Alberta’s massive energy resource is well regulated.

“By better understanding the AER’s unique role in the energy sector, we hope that people will feel more assured that we’re fulfilling our mandate of protecting the public, the environment, and Alberta’s energy resources,” Blanchette says.

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Resource Administrator

Diana Daunheimer’s comment dated “05 July 2016” was originally submitted on June 30 but not posted to the Comment section until July 5 as it required redacting to conform with the AER’s Terms of Use (

Diana Daunheimer

I would expect that when Kim Blanchette makes $297,225.48 to give stakeholders the "facts" on energy regulation, that there would be some actual facts in the text. No so. This is public relations mismanagement and fiscal waste at its finest, "reframing", "making a good read" and using terminology that defies the actual mandate, or lack thereof, of the AER.

The AER is not transparent or credible, they compensate people like Ms. Blanchette and the many other overpaid "stakeholder relations" employees to purposefully discredit, disregard and obfuscate the impacts of residents and families in our communities. To further, they send these employees to our community synergy (lobby) meetings to further the deceit and propaganda of a caring and protective regulator.

An excellent example of what the AER is doing, is the dishonest, misleading and fabricated "technical health synthesis" that [a] water toxicologist, not health professional, with the AER wrote about our family and families in the Lochend region, north of Cochrane-both reports were written without the knowledge, involvement or consent of the residents. The reports were so laded with omissions, deletions and fallacious information that all parties called on the AER to remove the reports from publication and distribution. The AER has not complied, or even returned several correspondences querying validity and content of the reports.

Dear public, this is what the AER is really up to; mistreating and intentionally setting out to disgrace harmed Albertans, enabling industry to harm public health and the environment by deregulating, failing to enforce directives and otherwise being intentionally negligent or in collusion with industry when encountering serious acts of non-compliance, while getting paid ever so well to do so.

Over 350 AER employees are on the sunshine list and the expense accounts of the executives are outrageous.

The plain and simple fact is, under REDA, the AER has NO PUBLIC INTEREST and NO PUBLIC HEALTH MANDATE. You can not fulfill a mandate you do not have, therefore the assurances made here are falsehoods.

*This comment has been edited to comply with the AER’s General Social Media Terms of Use.

Diana Daunheimer

The AER is great!


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