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Alberta - November 27, 2017

I’ve enjoyed hearing about the regulatory innovations the AER has implemented, and I’ve learned more about what regulatory excellence means and how the AER has helped to define this in Alberta.

Chilenye Nwapi, consultant with the Government of Nigeria

What do you do when the international community knocks on your door some 30 times a year, eager to learn more about best practices in energy regulation? If you’re the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), you swing open your doors and invite the world.

Last week the AER hosted the inaugural Regulatory Excellence Global Summit, a three-day event that brought together around 100 delegates from thirteen countries to share information and to inspire collaboration and innovation—all in the name of raising the regulatory bar the world over.

“I’m very passionate about improving regulatory development, particularly in Africa,” said Chilenye Nwapi, a consultant with the Government of Nigeria. “I’ve enjoyed hearing about the regulatory innovations the AER has implemented, and I’ve learned more about what regulatory excellence means and how the AER has helped to define this in Alberta.”

A Popular Destination

For years the AER has been a popular destination for foreign delegations from Mexico to China, Poland to Uganda, and points in between to learn about energy regulation. Kim Blanchette, vice president of Public Affairs and National and International Relations, says hosting a single event like the summit allows the regulator to participate in regulatory exchange with its international partners more efficiently.

“Typically we meet with delegates in individual meetings, which can be time intensive for our subject-matter experts,” says Blanchette, adding that many of these presentations tend to rotate between a few common themes, such as protecting public safety, being good environmental stewards, and engaging with stakeholders.

With over 80 years of experience regulating energy, the AER has a lot of knowledge to share, but also a lot to learn. In hosting this summit, the AER shifted from one-off conversations to long-term information exchange.

“Everyone in the room has the opportunity to contribute and make important connections; it’s a great vehicle for discussing common issues and building an international pool of regulatory knowledge,” says Jennifer Steber, executive vice president of Stakeholder and Government Engagement for the AER.

The event also included a demonstration of the new OneStop technology and an overview of the International Centre of Regulatory Excellence. It wrapped up with a site tour of the AER’s Core Research Centre.

AER Staff Prepare

AER staff prepare to host 100 delegates for the Regulatory Excellence Global Summit.

Global Summit

The Honourable Margaret McCuaig-Boyd (center), Minister of Energy, meets with delegates after giving a welcoming address.

AER President and CEO

AER president and CEO Jim Ellis addresses Global Summit delegates.

International Delegates

International delegates listen to AER president and CEO Jim Ellis discuss regulatory excellence.

Delegates from Poland

Delegates from Poland pose with AER executive vice president of Corporate Services, Rick Brown (right).

Blackfoot Elder

Blackfoot elder Dr. Reg Crow Shoe chats with delegates following a smudge ceremony.

Nigerian Delegates

Nigerian delegates enjoy a moment with Blackfoot elders Dr. Reg Crow Shoe and Rose Crow Shoe.

A Delegate from India

A delegate from India discusses shale core samples with a Core Research Centre employee.

Delegates Examine

Delegates examine core samples at the Core Research Centre.

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