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Alberta - May 7, 2018

These days, if you have a question, an answer is almost always one Google search away. If you’re curious about energy development in Alberta, it’s no different—that’s why many people turn to the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER’s) website.

However, many who use found themselves with more questions than answers—including some of our own staff. That is, until now.

Today we launched our new website, and we promise it’s an information source that helps you when you need it most.

Everyone should be able to find information when they need it.

Georgina Leschinski, team lead at the AER’s Customer Contact Centre

“We heard from a lot of people who weren’t sure how to use the site, or were unable to navigate the ‘information abyss,’” says Georgina Leschinski, team lead at the AER’s Customer Contact Centre, which responds to general inquiries.

She adds that her team received these kinds of inquiries from industry, landowners, concerned citizens, and even AER staff. “Everyone should be able to find information when they need it.”

What’s New?

Here are some things that we think you’ll like about the new site:

Enjoy the view. Whether you’re on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you’ll notice our website looks cleaner and more modern. Photos on every webpage help put a face on who we are, who we work with, and our strategic priorities.

Find things faster. Navigating is now easier and more intuitive, thanks to the new super-navigation system. We hope you’ll also notice that we’ve improved our search function so you can find any webpage, form, or requirement in no time.

Get to the point. Albertans asked us to be more straightforward. We took this clear-as-crystal feedback and adopted a writing style more along the lines of our news and information site, Resource. Better yet, we added videos, graphics, and links to Resource stories to help explain concepts in different ways.

Stay up to date. The days of wading through “ancient” AER reports and bulletins are over. When we moved to our new website, we also archived a lot of older information. Documents more than five years old can be found in our archive pages or requested through us.

We’ll continue to think of innovative ways to explain our work and energy development in Alberta. In the meantime, we’re excited about our new look, and can’t wait to hear what you think.

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