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Alberta - December 15, 2018

Syncrude will pay $2.75 million in penalties after it pled guilty to a charge of failing to store a hazardous substance in a manner that ensures that it does not come into direct contact with, or contaminate, animals, which led to the deaths of 31 great blue herons at its Mildred Lake oil sands mine near Fort McMurray.

The birds died in August 2015 in an abandoned sump that was built to collect process-affected water at the mine. The sump has since been taken out of service.

The $2.75 million penalty includes both federal and provincial penalties, with much of the money going to projects that will support biodiversity, habitat, and migratory pathways for birds and other wildlife in Alberta.

To learn more about this penalty, read the AER news release.

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Scott Murray

What about the untold number of bird fatalities caused by wind turbines?


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