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Alberta - June 13, 2018

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Story Comments

Keith Daniel

Dear Sir,

I am extremely disappointed that AER is doing nothing about the 80,000 inactive wells or the people that have wells on their property with nothing being done to resolve issue that have a problem for generations. Why do you even exist? You employ people payed for by my taxes, yet after all these you have nothing to show for it. You can be sure that I will be contacting my MLA about this issue.

Keith Daniel

Resource Editor

Hi Keith,

Thank you for expressing your concerns. The AER requires inactive wells to be suspended and maintained in a safe and secure manner. We currently have two programs to ensure that this takes place: The Inactive Well Compliance Program (IWCP), which has brought more than 21,000 wells into compliance since April 2015; and the Ongoing Compliance Assurance Process, which ensures that the wells that aren't part of the IWCP are properly suspended and maintained--93 per cent of these wells are in compliance. You can read more about how the AER is regulating inactive wells here:….

And lastly, the AER isn't funded through tax payer's money. We are 100 per cent funded by industry, which means Albertans don't pay for our work, oil and gas companies pay an annual levy to operate within Alberta. There's actually a great, interactive Resource story that explains our funding model--feel free to test your knowledge of how the AER works here:…

I hope this helps to put your mind at ease.


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