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Alberta - March 19, 2018

One constant in life is that change is inevitable. Here at Resource, we’ve decided to embrace that inevitability.

We’ve updated the Resource website, inspired by feedback we’ve received from both inside and outside the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). And we hope these changes make for a better audience experience.

Here are five things to know about the new-look Resource:

  1. No place like home(page)
    Open up Resource and we think you’ll immediately see a cleaner, better-organized site that’s easier to search and navigate. It also works better for those using smartphones.
  2. Categories, categories
    We’ve introduced two new categories: “Technology” for stories about how stuff works, and “In the News” for stories about the AER that are being covered by the news media.
  3. Old logo a no-go
    As the site has matured, so has the logo. Instead of “reSource” (seemed like a good idea at the time), it’s now simply “Resource” with a capital “R” and small “s.” It still includes the oil-drop icon.
  4. Behind the scenes
    As in many reno projects, the most important changes are those you can’t see, such as new heating or electrical systems. In our case, we’ve gone with a new content-management system to host the site, one that not only gives us greater flexibility when designing stories, but is far more cost-effective.
  5. Stories with energy
    But when all is said and done, it’s all about the stories. When we started this site in June 2016 , it was to reframe complex information about energy development in Alberta and how it’s regulated, and to do it in ways that are accessible to everyone and that makes for a good read. Through articles, videos, and photos, Resource will continue to feature current issues and topics and explain our role in addressing them.

Leaving a comment? You should know this:

We welcome all comments, and encourage you to be part of the discussion by sharing your thoughts and opinions on Resource stories. When leaving a comment, know that your first and last names will appear, but not your email. Also, all comments must adhere to the AER’s General Social Media Terms of Use and will be reviewed against these terms, which means that we may choose to publish only part or none of the comment. This also means that comments will not be published immediately.

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