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Alberta - April 15, 2021

Water is life. It's a sentiment shared across the globe and one that echoes true here in Alberta.

That's why the AER is seeking feedback to help guide the way it implements the Government of Alberta's Water Conservation Policy for Upstream Oil and Gas Operations (WCP).

"The government of Alberta is responsible for developing policy," said Michael Bevan, senior water advisor. "The AER is responsible for implementing that policy through the regulatory instruments we develop for energy-related activities."

The Government of Alberta released the WCP in December 2020. In January of this year, the AER hosted two engagement sessions and spoke with over 40 stakeholders and indigenous people. Members of the WCP implementation project team spoke to participants about the AER's proposed regulatory instrument, a manual, to both educate and solicit feedback.

"The protection of non-saline water sources suitable for livestock use is important in normally dry areas where it is not abundant," said Nolan Ball, a representative with the Special Areas Board. "The WCP implementation framework puts an importance on balancing industry and agricultural uses of subsurface non-saline sources, particularly livestock watering."

Starting April 20, the AER's draft manual is posted for public comment period. Anyone who wishes to provide input has 30 days to submit their comments for consideration.

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