Calgary, Alberta,

What the AER Doesn’t Regulate

Knowing what we don’t regulate is just as important as knowing what we do.

The Government of Alberta has given us the job of ensuring oil and gas is developed safely for people and the environment, and in a way that allows Albertans to receive the greatest value from our province’s resources.

The AER’s authority is limited to regulating the development of oil, bitumen, natural gas, and coal, and the pipelines that transport these products within Alberta’s boundaries.

We have no authority over:

  • any aspect of electricity generation or distribution, including renewable energies, natural gas utility pipelines or the price of natural gas (these are regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission),
  • gasoline or other refined petroleum products, or
  • oil and gas pipelines that cross provincial or international borders (these are regulated by the National Energy Board).

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Ken Dahl
As the AER regulates both coal and oil sands mines, I was once asked about our role in other types of mines or exploration programs. It may be good to make the distinction in such articles as well because of interest in gold, limestone, diamond and uranium deposits etc.